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pregnancy exercise Aug 15, 2023

While there isn’t a set list of exactly which exercises you need to do to stay strong and fit during pregnancy there are a few that could perhaps be more beneficial to you and I wanted to go through them with you.



This exercise may sound like it just works your legs but if done correctly, it will be activating you core and your back as well as your glutes, and pretty much every muscle in your legs. Not only is it good to keep lower body for maintaining a comfortable pregnancy as your bump grows, but it can also be very helpful in labour as many women end up giving birth in a squat position.



I don’t mean you need to get on a rowing machine here, but any rowing movement is going to be great to add into your workouts during pregnancy. You can do an upright row, a seated row, a renegade row and what it basically means is that by pulling your weight towards your body you will be activating your upper back muscles which is going to do wonders for your posture. With our growing bumps, and our change in centre of gravity our posture will start to alter and want to keep as strong as possible to prevent this from causing any discomfort or pain.



There is no time like pregnancy to start preparing for motherhood and with motherhood comes a lot of picking things, and babies, up off the floor - which is basically a deadlift! It’s a movement that can cause injury to our backs if we are not careful so make sure to build up your strength by adding these into your workout and keep an eye on your posture as you do them. Think hips back, head down, engage your core, then lift!



These babies don’t stay tiny for long and with the amount us mums have to hold them, rock them to sleep, carry them in and out of cots/cars/baths it is super important that we are strong enough to do this. Shoulder press is a great exercise as it can be done one arm at a time, as well as both, it can be done seated, kneeling or standing and it really gets the core involved too which we love!



It no secret that our glutes take a beating when it comes to pregnancy. The shift in our pelvis, the extra weight we start to carry around as we walk and our glutes are so crucial in supporting us that we need to work to keep them active and strong. You can do glute bridges on the floor for the first half of your pregnancy, and once the bump starts getting bigger and you don’t want to be lying on your back for long periods of time you can prop yourself up on the edge of your sofa, or a bench/box in the gym and do a hip thrust for the same effect.


All of these exercises are excellent for maintaining an overall strength, and hopefully keeping you moving in a pain free way as you navigate all the body changes that come with pregnancy. Want to incorporate these basic strength moves into a weekly routine, why not take a look at our week by week trimester plans to help you stay strong and empowered through your pregnancy. 


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