Pregnancy & Post Natal

Online Fitness

Safe, fun exercise classes for pregnancy and early motherhood.

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Online Fitness

Safe, fun exercise classes for pregnancy and early motherhood.

A Class for Everybody

No matter where you are in your pregnancy or post natal journey, whatever your fitness level or ability, there is a class for you.


From your 1st trimester to 'The Final Push' we are here to support you with a fantastic range of follow along classes, keeping you strong and empowered throughout your pregnancy. From endorphin pumping cardio to calming yoga, classes for rough days, Pilates to fortify your core and specialist strength sessions to support your body. Experts in pelvic health and nutrition complete the team. There's something for everyone but most importantly we keep you safe and strong, whatever your level of fitness or stage of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Plan

Post Natal

We carefully guide you through a 12 week follow along exercise plan providing you with expert training to regain strength and fitness as you venture into motherhood. Extra support is provided with physiotherapy for your pelvic floor and expert guidance on nutrition. We keep you safe and energised, building towards a return to more challenging classes to sculpt and improve your fitness levels in the Club. Go at your own pace with your baby by your side. 

Post Natal Plan

Here to share  the motherhood journey.


Bumps & Burpees was founded by me, Charlie Launder in 2014 to provide a space for women to feel supported and empowered through their pregnancy and into motherhood. Since then I have helped thousands of women stay fit and strong through this important time with one-to-one personal training, Instagram fitness classes and our online platform dedicated to pre and post-natal fitness. Pregnancy and the early years of motherhood can be a time when we neglect our own fitness as we give all our energy to nurturing our babies. But our reassuring and experienced approach to pre and post natal fitness will keep you safe and motivated to concentrate on your own well-being as well as your baby.


More About Bumps & Burpees

Want to know more about the classes?  

Here's just a taster of what you can expect when you join a Bumps & Burpees plan.  

Cardio & HIIT

It's a bit of a myth that you shouldn't sweat when you are pregnant or post natal. Our 40 min cardio classes are the best way to get your heart rate up safely and leave you feeling fabulous, energised and full of feel good endorphins.


Amanda’s pilates classes are designed to strengthen your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, to support your growing bump, prepare for childbirth and reawaken your core in early motherhood. 30 mins of expert instruction.


Stacey's yoga class is 30 mins of calm, to nurture your body and create clarity in your mind. Classes are varied with poses and sequences, aiming to help you feel strong and focused through physical and emotional changes that lie ahead. 


It is so important that we keep our bodies strong and muscles switched on whilst we adapt to the many changes that additional hormones and growing babies provide. Our muscles help support our back, our pelvis, our bump and then carry your baby so we focus in on specific areas to keep you feeling strong and happy. 


Our body goes through so much in the many weeks of pregnancy, and then some more once your baby is here so it is no wonder that we can feel tight and have limited mobility. These short classes are aimed at lengthening our muscles, calming our breathing down and moving in a way that leaves us feeling really good.

Knowledge Bombs

It's not all about the workouts, we want to give you advice and support and a little bit of fun stuff too. So we invite experts such as Clare Bourne (Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Claire Hitchin (Registered Nutritionist), to drop in with chatty videos and plenty of knowledge to help you along the way. 

What can you expect from a Bumps & Burpees Course?

We are all about safe, fun...

Expert Trainers

Every class is led by a fully qualified pre and post natal specialist to ensure your workout is safe and appropriate. We choose our trainers carefully, sharing a common bond, which is passion and enthusiasm for women's fitness. We'd like to think we have great taste in music too, but you can judge that! 

Adaptable Classes

We understand that it's a changing time and what feels good one day may feel uncomfortable the next. Therefore we have wide ranging classes to build strength and fitness, to improve mobility and help you relax when required. As well as knowledge bombs for nutrition and pelvic health too. 

Safe Workouts

We know that the most important concern for you, whether pregnant or post natal, is that any exercise you do is safe for you and your baby. Every workout is created specifically for your motherhood journey and we will always be on hand should you have specific questions or need an extra bit of advice. 

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I am coming to the end of the post natal plan and wanted to say a massive thank you. I have done your classes since my 2nd trimester and they have been amazing. Exercise is such a big part of my identity and your classes were perfect for my pregnancy and now they have set me up post natally to go back to my normal exercise feeling strong but ready to take it at a steady pace. If I am lucky enough to have a second I know that I will be back. 


OMG! Last weekend's workout was literally amazing. I feel strong, sweaty and pumped. Feel like I can take on the world and my four month old son was watching and giggling the whole time. Feel shaky with all the adrenaline, thanks SOOOOO much!!! 


Thank you so much for your program. I joined you at 12 weeks pregnant and have followed along week by week. I had a 6 week break to have my baby and now have just completed the post natal plan. I feel strong and ready to return to my regular exercise and so much quicker this pregnancy than my previous one - this is all down to you, I've loved it, thanks again. x

Wanting to build confidence and strength in the gym?

Whether you're an absolute beginner or an ex gym bunny that wants to get back to lifting weights, we have gym plans for both pregnancy and post natal women who want to build strength with a weighted program. Carefully structured programs to help you form good habits and consistency with weight training to reach new fitness goals. 


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