Hello, I'm Charlie Launder

I'm the founder of Bumps and Burpees, a level 4 Personal Trainer and specialist in pre and post natal fitness. I am married to George and have 3 children, Alfie, Barney and Darcy.

The Bumps & Burpees community is one that aims to provide information and motivation to help everyone enjoy their pregnancy and time as a Mum as much as possible. Being a new or expectant mum brings enough challenges along the way and our goal is to make sure that exercise is not one of them. It is not only about guiding women safely through exercise during this time, but also helping them to fit it into their new lifestyle and hopefully enjoy it too.

Physical and emotional strength is at the forefront of everything we do, and helping you to realise the importance of looking after yourself as well as your baby is a big part of our purpose. Learning how to keep fit and healthy as an expectant or new mum can feel intimidating so Bumps & Burpees is here to guide and motivate you when you need it. 

Our Purpose


Providing a safe and fun space for women to feel empowered through their pregnancy and into motherhood, with expert led fitness classes to keep your changing body strong and healthy whilst preparing you  for birth and what lies ahead as a mum.

A Motherhood Community

Motherhood can be hard – but don’t feel alone. Share your stories and ask advice, there’s so much to gain from being part of the community. 

Strong for Life

Exercise through pregnancy and motherhood is a game changer. The benefits are endless – more energy, improved mood, self-care and endurance for mum life. 

Knowledge is Power

Your body goes through so many changes, by receiving expert advice and guidance, you know you are exercising in the correct way and keeping you and your baby safe. 

Make it Easy

By removing all the obstacles to exercising you are more likely to commit to a regular routine. No need to travel, no booking required, no childcare needed, no dress-code!

Sarah, Mum of 2

Bumps & Burpees is so much more than fitness. My training sessions were something I looked forward to every week, they made me feel so positive and energetic I don’t know what I would have done without them. I would never have made it to the gym with a toddler and a baby so being able to train in my living room meant I had no excuses left. I really enjoyed exercising through my pregnancy and wish I had known about them for the first!

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