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Embracing the Journey: Navigating the Changes in Your Body During the 3rd Trimester

3rd trimester Feb 21, 2024

As you enter the final stretch of your pregnancy, the 3rd trimester brings a myriad of changes to your body. While the anticipation of meeting your little one grows, so does the list of physical transformations. In this blog post, we'll explore the various changes you may experience during the 3rd trimester and offer insights on how to cope with them.


1. Organ Compression:


As your baby continues to grow, your organs may feel a bit squashed. This compression can lead to discomfort and a feeling of fullness. Focus on smaller, more frequent meals to ease digestion. If you’re on our pregnancy plan there are some lovely opening stretches to help us create a bit of room around our lungs.


2. Shortness of Breath:


With your expanding uterus putting pressure on your diaphragm, shortness of breath is common. Practice deep-breathing exercises to help alleviate this symptom.


3. Feeling Fuller Quicker:


As your baby takes up more space, your stomach has less room. Eating smaller, nutrient-dense meals can help manage this feeling of fullness.


4. Joint Pain and Swelling:


The additional weight you're carrying can lead to joint pain, especially in areas like the knees and lower back. Combat swelling with elevation where appropriate, and moving your body to keep the blood flowing and hopefully prevent too much water retention which can build up in the final few weeks. 



5. Changes to Your Hair:


Some expectant mothers notice changes in their hair during pregnancy. This can range from increased thickness to changes in texture. Embrace these shifts, as they are often temporary.


6. Pressure on Pelvic Floor:


The growing baby can exert pressure on your pelvic floor, leading to discomfort. Keep up with your pelvic floor exercises and practicing good habits such as correct breathing techniques when lifting heavy objects (or children).


7. Changes in Blood Circulation:


Increased blood volume during pregnancy may cause changes in blood pressure. Stay hydrated, and avoid standing up too quickly after long periods of sitting down. 


8. Bladder Pressure:


As your baby grows, the pressure on your bladder increases, resulting in more frequent trips to the bathroom. It’s important that you don’t cut back on your fluid intake, even though it is very annoying to be going to the bathroom so often. It’s important to keep hydrated. 


9. Emotional Changes:


Hormonal fluctuations and disrupted sleep may contribute to feelings of being a bit fed up or flat. This is totally normal, and these feeling are very valid but do reach out to your support system and prioritise self-care to maintain emotional well-being.




10. Sleep Challenges:


Finding a comfortable sleeping position can be challenging. Use pillows for support and experiment with different sleep positions to find what works best for you. I personally would not not be able to get through the night without my BBHUGME. It also comes in handy for tired dads too!


11. Heartburn:


The pressure from your expanding uterus can push stomach acids into your esophagus, causing heartburn. Smaller meals, upright postures, and avoiding trigger foods can help manage this discomfort.


12. Braxton Hicks Contractions:


These practice contractions become more common in the 3rd trimester. Staying hydrated and changing positions may ease their intensity. If they start to become painful, be sure to contact your midwife team. 


As challenging as the 3rd trimester may be, it's essential to remember that these changes are temporary and part of the incredible journey of bringing a new life into the world. Every discomfort and inconvenience is a testament to the miraculous process happening within your body. While it's crucial to stay informed about these changes, if anything feels unusually severe or concerning, always consult with your healthcare professional. It's never too late to get started with pregnancy specific exercise, whether that's gentle mobility and yoga to help with joint discomfort and swelling or wanting to develop your strength and cardio fitness in preparation for birth, we have a 3rd trimester plan that covers everything that you might need in a follow along week by week program. 


Positivity to Carry You Through


In just a few short months, you'll be holding your precious baby in your arms, and every discomfort will be a distant memory. Embrace the changes, take good care of yourself, and cherish the journey. Remember, you're creating life, and it's all worth it in the end. Hang in there, mama—you're doing amazing!

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