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How to keep costs down when having a baby?

Jan 23, 2024

If you watch the news, listen to the radio, or open social media, it won’t be long before you are reminded that life is becoming more expensive. With the cost of goods going up, it could be a scary time to bring another little human into the world. But don’t panic - with some careful planning and resourcefulness, you’ll be absolutely fine. Here are some tips to help you keep calm, keep costs down and power on.


Define your budget

Before you start taking a look at the latest strollers and equipment on the market, make sure you understand exactly how much you can afford to spend on kitting out your baby. 

Work out your total income over the first year of your baby’s life so you can make sure your expenses don’t exceed your income when the statutory maternity pay kicks in! 

Once you have a good idea of exactly how much is available within the ‘baby spending’ category, the fun can start!


Focus on needs over wants

It’s hard not to be attracted to the latest and greatest products claiming to make your parenting journey easier, but focus on the priorities. Identify the essential items your baby will need, such as a crib, car seat, stroller, diapers, and clothing. Focus on purchasing these necessities first before considering additional, non-essential items. A newborn checklist can be a great way of prioritising purchases and tallying up total costs. 



Consider alternatives to buying

Buying equipment isn’t always the most financially savvy option when kitting out your baby. Alternatives, such as renting baby equipment, are now readily available online and can save you thousands. Websites such as offer parents access to premium, quality controlled baby equipment for only the time you need, whether that be for a holiday or for a particular age / stage. For example, a Bugaboo Fox 5 is available to rent from just £47 per month compared to buying it for £1115! Once your little one has outgrown the item, just return it to Baboodle to save space in your house, and the hassle of re-selling. Baboodle’s monthly payment structure will also reduce your initial spend and make budgeting far easier.


Try before you buy

I’m sure every parent has been stung at some point by their baby not taking to their latest purchase and it sitting unused for months on end. For any purchases with a big upfront outlay, consider trying out an item before you hand over your cash. 


Plan for long term use

By nature, baby equipment has an incredibly short lifespan. Your little one will outgrow equipment at a scary rate, so before committing to expensive equipment that will only be used for a short period of time, try to find items that can grow with your baby.

Items such as the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair are designed to adapt as your baby grows. They are also available to rent from if you fancy saving even more money.



Build a registry

Having to stick to a budget is hard, and often frustrating. Your friends and family will be as excited as you are about your pregnancy. Why not build a baby registry using a website such as for your non-essentials but ‘nice to haves’.


Consider buying second-hand 

Whilst quality, cleanliness and safety may be more of an issue with buying on the second hand market, you can occasionally find a gem. If you are trying to stick to a strict budget, take a look on, Gumtree freebies or at baby banks such as Little Village HQ. 


Budgeting doesn’t have to be as scary and boring as it sounds. If done correctly and with the help of the tips above, you’ll quickly re-discover all of the newborn excitement.


With thanks to Baboodle for writing the blog.

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