Essential Equipment you need for working out

ESSENTIAL WORKOUT EQUIPMENT - All you need to get started

workout kit Aug 25, 2023

In order to get ourselves into the right headspace to exercise we need to eliminate the excuses we give ourselves. I don’t have time, I don’t have the space and one I always here which is I don’t have the right equipment. So I thought today I would give you a run down of the things that I think would be great to have in your house to get you going with your exercise routine. 


Of course it goes without saying that ACTUALLY you don’t need anything. You can definitely exercise bare foot, in your pyjamas, on the carpet with no equipment whatsoever so if that is your jam then you go for it but if you want to build up some home equipment then these are the things I recommend. 


This one is relatively inexpensive and I have one that has asked for ages, it’s very comfortable to lie on or do kneeling exercises, plus it’s good for indoor or outdoor workouts.



Any brand will do, but I always recommend making sure that the edges are not completely round as we do a lot of exercises where we are leaning on them and we want to make sure they aren’t going to roll away so these are a great example, and fab colours too!



These resistance bands costs next to nothing but is such a good little tool to help you warm up or add intensity to bodyweight exercises. You can bring it everywhere with you so I highly recommend getting one (or a few as they get easily lost in my house!!) to add to your gym kit. 



Many of you will have this water bottle from labour as I recommend it for that too, so you may have seen it in other blog posts, but if you haven’t then I also recommend it for everyday life and exercise as well. Not only are they great as they are big, but they have a straw inbuilt which is always helpful. No unscrewing and screwing on the lid mid workout. 


That’s it. See, I told you it’s not much but with these few things there is so much you can do. Every single one of our classes will be covered with this and you will be able to reach your strength and fitness goals without the excuse of no equipment!! A small investment to help you on your way! 



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