Sleep Advice for your Newborn Baby

Mar 22, 2024

As a mum of three children and a professional sleep coach who helps families worldwide to get better sleep, Lucy Ferber from Tiny Sleepy People knows first hand how debilitating sleep deprivation can be and if you are brand new to parenting the first six weeks can feel very daunting when the sleepless nights begin. So I asked Lucy for some top tips and advice to help new parents encourage their newborn to sleep well.  



Here are her tried and tested SIX TOP TIPS to help encourage your newborn to sleep well from day one.



Your tiny person should ideally feed every 2-3 hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. It’s ok if this isn’t your exact schedule at the moment, the main focus is making sure they are getting full feeds at each. Newborns are SO sleepy, so they often fall asleep whilst feeding, before getting a full meal. We want to try to keep them awake throughout! Not getting a full feed can mean more night wake ups!

Tip - Cluster feeding is NORMAL, go with the flow to help your milk supply! 



During the day, keep things bright and active. Newborns don't need to be napping in a quiet, dark room just yet and exposure to sunlight during the day helps their circadian rhythm!

At night, keep it dark, quiet and use low voices. Avoid turning on bright lights for nighttime feeds, use a warm tone nightlight instead. Take them for a walk first thing in the morning, and again at dusk to help set their circadian rhythm.

Tip - Start a simple bedtime routine as soon as you feel ready, doing this can really help teach your baby that sleepy-time is coming.



You can’t spoil a newborn. You can rock, nurse/feed them to sleep, use a swing, whatever you need to do to keep them content, happy and getting the right amount of sleep throughout the day to prevent over-tiredness.

Tip - Follow an EAT > AWAKE > SLEEP pattern throughout the day and allow some naps in a moses basket or crib to help start encouraging independent sleep.


Babies' brains are processing vast amounts of information every second, because of this they can get very over-stimulated so it’s key to keep an eye on their wake window between naps. Ideally 45-60 mins MAX!



Your tiny person may wake up seemingly ready for the day between 4:30-5:30am. If you let this be their ‘wake up’ time, it will likely stay that way as part of their natural body clock. Try instead to feed them in a dim room and pop them back to bed, so they wake for the day closer to 7am, at this time open the curtains and let lots of daylight in to kickstart the day.



For the first 12 weeks or ‘fourth trimester’ your tiny person will feel the most comfort when their environment is similar to the womb. Do lots of skin to skin, use a sling to keep them close, swaddle to help with their startle reflex and use white noise to mimic womb sounds and soothe them whilst sleeping.

Coping Strategies for Tired Parents

Being a new parent is exhausting, trust me, I’ve been there!

Everywhere you turn on the internet there’s someone telling you that you need to practice more self care. ‘Take care of yourself’, ‘Take some me time’, ‘Prioritise you’, ‘Take breaks!’. Sure, these things all sound like a great idea, but in the world of a busy mum, it can feel a bit like a far off dream world.

According to a recent study, a shocking 78% of women said they often put off taking care of themselves in lieu of taking care of their families, and that’s not OK. My tips below should help you get the nurturing care, and time you deserve, to get back to feeling a little more like you so that you don’t feel like an exhausted, worn out, and frustrated version of yourself!


1. Accept that there’s no such thing as a 'perfect parent’

Don’t strive for perfection. Accept the fact that a perfect parent doesn’t exist, but there are lots of ways for you to be a good mum or dad for your tiny person


2. Exercise

Incorporate regular exercise into your weekly routine. Physical activity not only boosts mood-enhancing endorphins but also provides a healthy outlet for stress, anxiety or any other worries. Exercise doesn’t have to be running a marathon each week! Just simply getting outdoors for a brisk walk in the park, or spending 15 minutes stretching on a yoga mat for example, can do wonders. If you have just had a baby, it's usually a good idea to wait until after your 6-week postnatal check before you start any high-impact exercise, such as aerobics or running.


3. Establish Boundaries

Learn to set boundaries both at home and in the workplace. Communicate your needs to family members, colleagues, and friends. Establishing clear boundaries can prevent the overwhelming feeling of being pulled in multiple directions. 


4. Delegate Responsibilities

It’s OK to ask for help! Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks at home. Share responsibilities with your partner or family members. A support system can alleviate the burden and provide much-needed relief and rest.


5. Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques

Incorporate mindfulness and relaxation techniques into your daily routine. Whether it's some positive affirmations, deep breathing exercises, or yoga, these practices can help manage stress and promote a sense of calm and balance.


6. Try to get enough rest

Resting can do wonders. Once in a while, try not to think about the dishes in the sink or the pile of laundry you want to tackle. When your baby sleeps, go and sleep too! Getting enough rest is essential, not only for your mental and emotional wellbeing but for your physical wellness too. Also, if possible, get someone to help with the laundry, the cleaning, and the dishes, until your baby develops a pattern of sleep that lets you get ample rest. 


7. Practice self-love

While parental stress might make you feel disconnected from your sense of self, having some ‘you-time' could elevate your mood and renew your perspective so definitely try to carve out something for yourself a few times a week.


Some great self care ideas:

- reading a good book

- taking a long relaxing bubble bath

- ordering a take-away

- arranging a coffee date with some friends

- fresh air and sunshine


Need further help?


If you already have a tiny person or are expecting in 2024 and are looking for some further sleep support then Lucy and her Sleep Consultancy can help you, a great place to start is on her instagram or website! She has a range of packages designed to suit each family and situation and also has a fantastic E-Book Newborn Guide available to purchase and download which gives you everything you possibly need to get off to the best start with your newborn baby.


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