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Try out the Bumps & Burpees Fitness Platform with our fabulous freebies and resources.

Take Me To The Good Stuff

Pregnancy Workout

Get bootylicious with Beyoncé. This cardio workout was filmed when I was 37 weeks pregnant. I take you through some key movement patterns that are great for pregnancy in a hiit style workout that I think you will love. No equipment needed, and suitable for any stage of pregnancy.


Returning to exercise after birth?

If you've had your 6 week check up and got the all clear, and most importantly are feeling ready to move your body, then dive straight in to our post natal plan. You get the chance to try it for 7 days. You can cancel at any time if it doesn't feel right for you, but you might as well give it a go.


Fundamentals of Pilates

If you've always wanted to give pilates a go, now's your chance. Amanda takes you through a fabulous 30 minutes introducing you to the key themes of pilates. Engaging your core, supporting your back and your pelvis and improving your stamina. Give it a go if you are pregnant or post natal.


When you need to go gently.

A 25 minute, low impact full body class that may just have you feeling a bit more like yourself by the end. Totally safe for any stage of pregnancy and 6+ weeks post natal.


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Clare Bourne is a leading women's health physiotherapy and one of our amazing experts within the Bumps and Burpees community. She specialises in pelvic health and pre & post natal issues. She provides week by week guidance on our post natal plan. She also has great help for pelvic floor, prolapse and c-section recovery if you need help. 


Barney's Birth Story

Just for those of you who are interested, my second birth with Barney was quite different to my experience with Alfie. Here's my tell all story.


Looking After Mum

Sophie Harris is part of the Bumps & Burpees Community offering a Pregnancy and Postpartum Therapy and Coaching. She is passionate about helping women feel their value during the pregnancy and postpartum period and offers specialist CBT. If you feel you need some one to one help, please reach out to her, she's amazing. 




4 week plan

Ideal from 6 months post partum

  • Focus on finding your mojo
  • 1 x 30 minute cardio session 
  • 2 x 30 minute strength sessions (light dumbbells are required)
  • 1 stretch session to aid mobility and flexibility
  • 1 x add on class focusing on your core, glutes or a full body blitz
  • Access to the Bumps & Burpees community to keep you motivated and accountable

Looking for some motivation to kick start your exercise routine?

We've created a special 4 week plan to help you find the joy in exercise again. Everything you need is right here, give it a go and let us help you ease your way back to feeling great again.