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Your safe return to exercise, after giving birth, starts here.


Best Selling 12 Week Plan

Recover, Build and Boost Your Fitness After Birth

Whether you are a brand new mama or returning to exercise after a longer recovery post birth, we make sure you are safe whilst having fun, with leading experts in cardio, strength, pilates, yoga, pelvic floor physiotherapy, nutrition and mental health. 

12 Week Post Natal Plan

A structured 12 week rehabilitation plan to get back into fitness after the birth of your baby. Follow-along classes, week-by-week, we guide you through a safe return to exercise whilst reclaiming a little time for your mind and your body.


The Club

The new monthly fitness program for mamas who want to work out from the comfort of their own home after completing the 12 week plan. Get strong, get sculpted, make time for you and have fun with your fitness at a time and place to suit you. 


Returning to Exercise After C-Section?

You are in the right place, our 12 week rehabilitation program is a safe, gentle plan - perfect for recovery after a Caesarean.  


Unsure which program is right for you?

Watch Charlie's video explaining everything you need to know to help you choose the correct plan for you. 


Getting Started

The 12 Week Post Natal Plan is split into three sections – Breathe, Build and Boost, progressing from gentle movement post-birth, reconnecting to your core and pelvic floor, adding gentle mobility with upper and lower body focus, all the way through to building up our strength and cardio fitness again in a safe and effective way.

We start with wonderful stretching routines to bring back your mobility and expert advice from Clare Bourne, a leading women’s health physiotherapist. Amy, a registered dietician advises you  with specialist post natal support and our expert post natal trainers ease you back into yoga and pilates to help calm the mind as well as the body. The plan supports you throughout the first few months of motherhood with progressive exercise routines that see you return to strength the cardio work. We will keep it informative but also fun, we are all trying to juggle motherhood and the rest of life so I want to make sure that when you do find the time to do something for yourself that you enjoy it.


12 Week Plan


Access for 6 months

  • Safe, expert-led classes for introduction to post natal fitness 
  • Pelvic floor & core classes by leading women health physiotherapist
  • Post natal nutrition
  • Building strength and cardio fitness
  • Post natal pilates and yoga
  • Stretch and Mobility classes
  • FAQ sessions and chats with Charlie
  • Online Community

Have a question?

We want you to feel supported from the outset. If you have a question about your return to exercise, or any aspect of the plan, send us your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.