Building Strength & Confidence

With Your Fitness



If you have completed a post-natal rehabilitation and feel ready to get back into the gym, then our 16 week gym plan - 'She's' Back' is perfect for you. We know that for some, getting back to lifting weights as a mum is an important goal - and has a multitude of benefits too. So whether you have previously lifted weights or are new to the gym, we take you on a progressive journey, building both strength and confidence as you go. 



As a mum, finding the time to workout can be expensive and erratic. Therefore having a progressive but flexible exercise plan that can be done at home with your baby by your side is the best solution. Our complete post natal plan includes a 12 week starter course, providing a slow and steady 'back to fitness' program after birth. Once ready to build your fitness, we have a library of classes that includes strength, cardio, pilates, yoga, stretch and mobility.  


Want to lift weights but don't know where to start?

Whether you are a complete beginner in the gym or an ex-gym bunny that hasn't been back since having a baby - this is the plan you need. If you are unsure of how to structure a workout, what equipment to use and how to progress, this 16 week plan will help you to feel more confident as you step into the gym, know what you are doing with a plan that develops consistency and progress with weight training.

All you need to do is turn up, follow along, head home and repeat three times a week. 


Your Questions

Imagine being the strongest, most confident version of yourself this year.

Using the She's Back Plan will help you achieve your fitness goals in the gym with a habit forming program designed for you to build consistency and progress with your strength training.

One time purchase


Lifetime Access

  • 16-week downloadable gym guide with 3 guided workouts each week
  • Clickable videos for technique and form on every workout
  • Advice videos with Charlie
  • Guided warm ups and cool downs
  • Connect with others on the plan in our online community.
  • Access to advice, help and motivation every step of the way.

Why we love strength training in the gym.

Improve Fitness

The plan is specifically created to promote your overall physical fitness and well-being, with upper body and core, lower and full body circuits.

Strength Building

We build strength by progressively challenging our muscles, consistency and gradually increasing weight will result in strength development.

Boost Confidence

Feel empowered and mentally strong whilst learning to use a variety of equipment and develop good habits in the gym. This is a feel good plan.

"Knowing what to do in the gym is going to fill you with confidence - turn up, follow plan, head home, feel great"