£60.00 GBP

Post Natal Fitness Plan

The Bumps & Burpees Post Natal Plan offers gentle and safe rehabilitation after giving birth. The great news is if you have recently given birth and had your post-natal check giving you the all-clear to start exercising again, then this plan is perfect for you.

It’s a 12 week follow-along course providing you with all of the essential information that you need to return to exercise and reclaim a little time for your mind and your body.

The plan is split into three parts - Breathe, Build and Boost. We will guide you through safe movement post-birth, reconnecting to your core and pelvic floor, and slowly adding in  gentle exercises and daily movements. We will rebuild strength and cardio fitness in a safe and effective way.

What you'll get:
  • Women’s health physiotherapy sessions with Clare Bourne specialising in post birth guidance
  • Weekly chats with Charlie for your body, mind, emotions, life and your baby
  • Weekly nutrition advice by registered post natal dietician - Amy Powderham
  • Pelvic Floor and Core classes
  • Weekly Yoga
  • Weekly Pilates
  • Weekly Strength and Conditioning that build towards specific upper and lower body strength classes
  • Weekly Cardio
  • Weekly Stretch
  • Access to the Bumps and Burpees Community

The post-natal plan is a 12 week program but can be done at your own pace. You may feel you want to work at a slower pace  or you may feel you are ready to move on a lot sooner. All videos can be repeated as many times as you like.