£45.00 GBP



Welcome to the 2nd Trimester. The Bumps & Burpees team are here to safely take you through the middle stage of your pregnancy with a wide range of classes to support you through this special time. 

Each class is created with your pregnancy in mind, workouts that build on your strength and cardio fitness and sessions that calm the body and mind. No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey you can be sure that every class is suitable and safe for you and your baby. 

Your one-time payment provides access to all classes for four months. It's a follow along course with week by week cardio, upper body and lower body classes.

The course includes the following classes:

  • Week 13 - Week 27 cardio classes (40 mins)
  • Week 13 - Week 27 upper and lower body strength and resistance classes (30 mins)
  • Stretch Classes x 8 with specific body focus (10-15 mins)
  • Yoga Classes x 8  (30 mins)
  • Pilates Classes x 8 (30 mins)
  • FAQ's - Charlie talks through all your questions and worries in your second trimester. 
  • Charlie's Check Ins - Follow along Charlie's pregnancy story
  • Bonus Material 

There is something for everybody whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned gym bunny wanting to be sure that you’re exercising in the correct way to keep your baby safe.

You will also be invited to the Bumps and Burpees Community to meet other mums to be and cheer each other on. This is a safe space where you can ask all your pregnancy and course related questions with someone always available to help.